Criteria Questionnaire*:

 International Consensus Criteria Questionnaire for patients over 18:  "Do I fit the ICC?"

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Simple ME Fact Sheet

Brief ME History

ME Science Links - published studies on myalgic encephalomyelitis

Chart comparing ME International Consensus Criteria (ICC) and United States IOM Report (SEID)

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Medical Information:

Myalgic encephalomyelitis: International Consensus Criteria - an even newer definition (2011), starting with the Canadian Consensus Criteria as a basis

Canadian Consensus Criteria - Clinical and Case Definition for ME (2003) - this is the definition the M.E. expert doctors, researchers and clinicians would like to see implemented immediately

  1. Short summary - (towards the bottom of the page)

  2. A Clinical Case Definition and Guidelines for Medical Practitioners (2005)

  3. Full Version


Summary of ME Medical Abnormalities in Peer Reviewed Literature



The following documentaries help bring awareness to severe ME.

What About M.E.? - Trailer for documentary released 2016. Facebook page.

Invisible Illness - Stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - 11 minute mini documentary produced by Palo Alto Online, featuring severe ME patient Whitney Dafoe, and his father, ME researcher, Ron Davis.

Blue Ribbon: Sneak Peak and Blue Ribbon (Promo)  - these are trailers for the documentary Forgotten Plague, released in 2015.

Voices from the Shadows trailer (2011) - full documentary available on Vimeo


There is a long history of government interference in ME, which is still ongoing.

Osler's Web by Hillary Johnson - The definitive account of the history of the government vs. ME. Details of the misdeeds and wrongdoings of the CDC. Patients have a long memory, and this is why they mistrust the HHS.

What's Wrong With ME Information on the CDC Website? This blog post by journalist Mindy Kitei explains the many problems with the CDC Toolkit for "CFS" - CDC Toolkit for CFS: Despite Its Inaccuracies, CDC Won't Remove It



MEadvocacy Comments Rejecting ICD-10-CM Proposal Changes for CFS and ME and the Addition of SEID

NIH Sidesteps Critical Problems with the ME/CFS Study 

Systemic Bias Continues at NIH


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