Update: National PR Campaign for ME 1-15-2015

Thanks to everybody who has already donated to the Campaign, we were able to hire the PR firm, Crowds on Demand. They started work January 1, 2015. As we’re just getting started, there are many exciting things in the works, but nothing concrete that I can link to just yet.

There are several smaller media outlets lined up to interview our spokespeople. We have four spokespeople in total (Mindy Kitei, Charlotte Von Salis, Anne Keith and Tracey Temple Smith).

A representative from the PR firm was present at the Congressional Inauguration on our behalf on January 6, 2015, looking for new Congresspersons who might become a champion for ME. We did one-person protests at the NIH and CDC in conjunction with that. We also have an upcoming 60-second radio ad, which will air on Midwestern health podcasts and on various FM/AM radio stations throughout the country. 

While we have the first month’s fees paid for, donations have dropped off due to the holidays, and we are behind for February. We need an additional $3000, for a total of $10,000, by January 21. In addition, there is a $1000 matching challenge grant running until January 21, midnight EST. Anything donated, up to a total of $1000, will be doubled.

The IOM report will be coming out February 10.  The P2P is also wrapping up and may be completed in late January or early February. Continued funding is crucial to combat these two redefinitions. Please donate!



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  • Mary Ann Kindel
    commented 2015-01-22 11:39:07 -0500
    Hi John,

    I have put the address to send a check in by mail on the donation page.

    There are a few other options. It looks like Stripe would be the best one, but they don’t accept donations from Australia. We can ask them to do so, and hope they add it.
  • John Gabor
    commented 2015-01-21 21:13:31 -0500
    Mary, i have tried to donate a couple of times via credit card with no luck. PayPal insists i give a US state and US postal code despite having entered Canada on my address on your contact information page. Had hoped to get a donation in to be matched but that is not going to happen. Another friend in Texas said she also had problems and could not make a donation. I don’t like PayPal and do not trust them. I would recommend another online donation service. We are losing donations from people who really believe in this project.