Tune in to CFSAC to see MEadvocacy and more!

The next meeting of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee is this week Tuesday, Aug 18 and Wednesday August 19, from 9am - 5pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).

Sessions regarding the recent Institute of Medicine and Pathways to Prevention redefinition projects are on the agenda. We also hope to hear something about the recent proposal to defund CFS at the CDC, and the speculation of CFS moving out of the Office of Womens' Health to NINDS (an institute with a much bigger budget).

Agenda - http://www.hhs.gov/advcomcfs/meetings/agendas/cfsac20150818-agenda.html.html

MEadvocacy.org will be making an oral presentation on Wednesday during the public comments (10-11am).

You may watch the live video stream here http://www.hhs.gov/live-1/, or access the listen only toll free teleconference line at dial 888-455-5629, passcode: 9717791#



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  • Rev. Allyson K. Day
    commented 2015-08-19 17:08:32 -0400
    This is not going to be a positive critique but it might be a useful one. I’ve moderated/facilitated political and social groups for over 35 years. These folks made me tired just listening. The discussion was disjointed, unorganized and frankly the group fissures, power struggles, and individual lack of focus was beyond tolerable.
    It seemed that there were two moderators with conflicting agendas. OMG, they need to get a grip and at the very least a board to write their process down so they can all see what they are doing. No wonder changing the name became an impossible task, (or not as the case may be). Unless most of those folks are sick too there is no excuse for that kind of incompetence. God help those of us whose Lives are a stake while they flounder along.