Tell Congress We Need An ME Champion

champion_dog.jpgLlewellyn King of The White House Chronicle, a long time supporter and fighter for ME patients, has written an article on The Hill's "Congress Blog".  

Mr. King's blog is a plea to members of congress, seeking a "champion" to take on the campaign for ME. The emphasis is on raising awareness about the devastation ME causes and to persuade HHS to fund research for a cure. 


Mr. King: 

  • points out the desolation of ME sufferers: "Make no mistake, ME/CFS is a life sentence without parole. It can strike the young, the middle-aged and the old. More women — by about two-thirds — than men are affected, and there is no known causality."  

  • makes it personal: "A close friend, a competition-level athlete and a Wall Street analyst, has been ill for 25 years. She trades off small joys, like going to the theater or shopping, for several days of collapse and bed rest. Sleep fails to refresh. She describes herself as a vehicle without fuel, getting by on “fumes.

  • shows the inequity: "Yet, for all the hurt, the principal medical research arm of the federal government, the National Institutes of Health, spends a paltry $5 million a year on ME/CFS – an indictment of institutional indifference. Without a strong congressional advocate, or a lobby in Washington, the research dollars won’t flow and hope will perish for patients."

  • ends with a plea: "ME/CFS is a good issue for an aspiring politician who wants to be heard and who could do real good by pushing federal government institutions toward helping the voiceless — those who can only murmur in their pain and loneliness, when louder shouters get tens of millions of dollars more research funding." 

This blog should be read by every member of congress. 

With this in mind, we have created an easy one click letter for US citizens to send to their congressional representatives.  It contains Llewellyn King’s full blog post.  

To make the process easier, we have created a pre-written letter, which you can view in the One Click form below. Simply fill out the form, and click the blue “Sign” button. The app will look up your zip code and send the letter to your representatives.

Note: The form is for US addresses only.

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    commented 2015-07-21 14:02:58 -0400
    Well done.