Revitalized Website - Same Focus


We are excited to announce the revitalization of our website is complete. Here is an overview of the changes we have made since the project began last summer.


Tip: On our website, words in an orange font are clickable links.


New graphic symbolizes MEadvocacy’s focus on confronting ME issues at the highest levels of US government.


Clearly outlines the disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis as defined by experts who have thousands of hours of experience caring for patients and researching ME.

Stories of patients, recognition of the severity of Severe ME patients and frequently asked questions give an overview of the disease.

Hope for the future is outlined if proper steps can be taken by the community and health agencies.

ABOUT: About MEadvocacy

States our mission is to advocate for recognition, definition, & research for myalgic encephalomyelitis.

We are an all-volunteer organization.

Explains our connection to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and lists our volunteers.

BLOG: Blogs

New layout provides our blog graphics and introductory paragraphs with clickable links to take you to the full stories. Since we have so many blogs from the past several years, we are still updating the format of the older blogs. To help you during the transition, you can visit our new Blog Index page.

BLOG: Blog Index

An easier way to view what MEadvocacy Advisory Committee has written along with our honored guest contributors. Check out our index with a chronological list of all our blog titles with direct links to the full article. The index is ordered from newest to oldest.


This page has a wide variety of important resource documents including:

  • ICC Questionnaire
  • NEW - Spanish Translation of ICC Questionnaire
  • Simple fact sheets
  • NEW - Template for May 12 Awareness Day state proclamation
  • Links to ME science
  • Information about criteria
  • Links to a wide variety of books, videos, and websites


Huge thank you to all of our supporters this past year. Whether it was an act of sharing information from our website or a monetary contribution, your support has helped us revitalize our site and keep it running. Much appreciation to our volunteer Olga Pinsky for spearheading this initiative. Since our project is now complete, we have updated our donation page for the new year.

JOIN: Member & Volunteer

As always, all memberships are free. Become a member if you want to show your support, volunteer to help, or opt to be added to our email list.

Hoping you like our more user-friendly format.


Now we have an easy way to search our website. For inspiration, we have provided a list of examples to search.

We have also updated the look of our FB page and Twitter profile!



  • MEadvocacy advisory committee member, Colleen Steckel, will be attending NIH meeting in April as an attendee. She will use the opportunity to raise awareness about the need for research for the ME ICC patient community.
  • May 12 ME Awareness Day is fast approaching. For many states, there are several days left for requesting a proclamation for a statewide May 12 ME Awareness Day. See our resources page for an example of a proclamation template that our members may use.