May 12th Awareness Events 2015


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May 12th has been designated as International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND) since 1992. The diseases included in CIND include Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia (FM), Gulf War Syndrome(GWS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

This document will be used to record events planned for 2015. If you have an event to add, please either email or post the details of your event on . For more information about May 12th International Awareness Day please see or There is also a list being maintained here .

Note: This list can be accessed at


  • a request will be submitted to Google asking for a Google Doodle for May 12th. A Doodle is the artwork you see on the Google search page. You can show your support for it by LIKEing Facebook page or by sending your own request to We need support from around the world.  Sadly they did not give us a Doodle in past years but we will maintain the page and try again every year until they do.
  • Join all 3 Thnuderclaps that are set up to go off on May 12th




  • Light Up the Night Challenge - see event  . We are asking you to light up public buildings and your own residence with one of the three colours: blue (ME, CFS), purple (FM) and green (MCS or Lyme). If you light your own house, send a picture to by May 31st to be counted in the contest. Let us know if you can take a picture of any of these Landmarks: Brighton Wheel (UK), SeaLife Centre (UK), CN Tower (Canada), Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Brampton, Charlottetown and Mississauga City Hall (Canada), Montreal Olympic Stadium (Canada), Niagara Falls (Canada), BC Place Stadium (Canada),  Black Tower (UK), Langevan Bridge (Canada), Peace Bridge (Canada-US border), City of Perth Council House(Australia), The Market House, Mullingar (IE), Bangor Town Hall (NI). See Canada for the webcams for viewing Niagara Falls.
  • Proclaim your city or  town by writing your Mayor. For a sample letter see 
  • The website is getting a facelift this year. Check it out after May 12th.
  • If you need images for May 12th, Wendy Boutilier has provided these . You can find more images here .
  • The #May12BlogBomb is back!  See
  • Tune in to Aunty Acid on May 12th at Arranged by Fibro Flare.
  • The UK is arranging an international Walk for ME. See event
  • Decorate your garden or  tie ribbons around trees or mailboxes in one or all of the 3 colours and send a picture to
  • Dress in one or all of the 3 colours and tell people. Perhaps dye your hair. You can also by t-shirts etc on zazzle or cafepress. Also capture the moment and send it to Here’s one site selling things . Let us know if you have a link to list here.
  • Make your own event and let us know about it. If you have ideas for events but aren't well enough to organize it, just send us the idea. We're making a list of ideas for next year and will include yours. It may inspire someone else.
  • Write your elected representatives. Canada has a draft letter you can use and amend to suit your country. See If you write one, send it to us so we can create instructions and a draft for your country that others can use. See the UK items for a draft letter from the 25% group.
  • In Canada and Ireland, 2 people have written to their local newspaper and asked for a story on May 12th. Let us know if you can get your local news to report on it.
  • ME AGAIN 2015 Artist Online Show ( will showcase winners of their submission May 12th and will include a media campaign to promote May 12th Awareness, the illnesses and the artists
  • The Graticast is making a video for May 12th and needs your submissions. See
  • Get your own personalized bear image to help raise awareness for ME.  Michelle will make a bear for anyone for a small donation to her daughters justgiving page. any donation will get a bear. . To see the image go to
  • Tweeting worldwide is planned. Please use hashtag #may12th when tweeting.
  • Dr Eleanor Stein is hosting a webcast on May 19th with speakers Rory Hornstein, RD, BEd, and Lucinda Bateman, MD. For full details see 



  • Niagara Falls will light up blue on May 12th at 10pm  It can be watched on either of these 2 webcams or
  • City Hall in Mississauga, Ontario will be lit up May 12th with blue, purple and green
  • City Hall in Brampton, Ontario will be lit up purple  May 12th
  • City Hall in Ottawa, Ontario will be lit up blue May 12th
  • City Hall in Halifax, Nova Scotia will be lit with all three colours
  • City Hall in Toronto, Ontario will be lit up May 12th with blue and purple
  • City Hall in Charlottetown, PEI will be lit up with all 3 colours May 12th
  • Calgary Alberta - Langevan Bridge will lit up blue on May 12th
  • Montreal Olympic Stadium in Quebec will be lit with all colours
  • Toronto, Ontario’s CN Tower will be lit with all 3 colours
  • Toronto, Ontario - an event is being planned for Queen’s Park on May 12th. Contact MEAO at for more details.
  • National ME/FM Action Network will hold an event May 16th in Toronto, Ontario with Dr Alison Bested speaking. See flyer for details
  • Vancouver Canada - BC Place STadium , Canada Place - Sails of Light, Convention Centre West, Jack Poole Plaza and Science World will be lit with all 3 colours May 12th
  • May 12th has been proclaimed in the following cities: Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Ramara in Ontario,  Victoria, Nanaimo and Kelowna in British Columbia, Vancouver BC has been proclaimed in perpetuity
  • London, Ontario - London's first Fibromyalgia Awareness & Information Day to be held on Saturday, May 9th from 1:30-4:30pm at Beacock Library, 1280 Huron Street.Details in the event poster on the May 12th event page.  ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Email to book your seat TODAY!
  • Write a letter to you MP and MPP. See
  • Opera Mariposa (  is presenting TOUR DE FORCE: An Evening of Broadway Showstoppers on Saturday, May 16 @ 7:30 pm at Marpole United Church 1296 West 67th Ave. Vancouver, BC in support of the National ME/FM Action Network.
  •  MEFM Society of BC is holding an event May 24th, 1-5pm at Vancouver General Hospital. Speakers are Dr Daniel Peterson and Staci Stevens. See
  • The Peace Bridge will be lit with all 3 colours on May 12th.
  • Sudbury Ontario is holding a Mother’s Day tea on May 9th. See
  • Dr Eleanor Stein is hosting a webcast on May 19th with speakers Rory Hornstein, RD, BEd, and Lucinda Bateman, MD. For full details see 



Northern Ireland


Republic of Ireland

South Africa


United Kingdom (UK)

  • Cooking up a blue storm to raise awareness and funds for Invest in ME Research Charity for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) see
  • Invest in ME’s 10th International ME Conference 2015 will take place on 29th May 2015 in Westminster, London. See
  • To be confirmed - Wainhouse Tower, Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK will lit up May 12th
  • Brighton Wheel on Tuesday May 12th will be lit up. Meeting at 8.00 in front of the Wheel with posters and banners and anything you can think of for Awareness for 8.30 Light Up. There will be a photographer from the Argus taking photos at 8.30
  • The Sea Life Centre in Brighton UK will be lit up during the day May 12th.
  • Fibroduck Foundation has arranged for the Blackpool tower  to be lit up May 12th. It  will be lit up PURPLE, and the Heart BLUE, with FIBRODUCK text running through the heart.We'll also be inviting the press along and giving out information flyers to passers by. We'll also be filming the event so you will all get to see. See .
  • Tymes Trust are holding an event May 11th at Ingatestone Hall. See 
  • The 25% Group has provided a draft letter to be sent to MP's. See Awareness 2015 on

United States (US)

  • New York City - The Caterpillar Walk program is a fundraising campaign designed to raise awareness and support for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain. See
  • The National Fibromyalgia and and Chronic Pain Association has a list of events in the US on their website
  • Washington DC - had a demonstration on April 28.
  • Haines City, Florida and Anaheim, CA has proclaimed the day.
  • #OccupyTheUSDOJ #June2015 is being held in Washington DC on June 1st.   See
  • The Peace Bridge will be lit with all 3 colours on May 12th. 
  • Springfield, OH has proclaimed the day.




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  • Josh Castlehouse
    commented 2018-11-02 19:17:08 -0400
    I’m getting ready for May 12th awareness 2019, in Vancouver BC Canada specifically because I want to get my co-workers and the company I work for involved to help spread awareness as well. A few of my co-workers at are willing to volunteer in Vancouver. Do you think the same event centers listed here for 2015 will be active in 2019? You have great info so I was wondering if you knew. Thanks!
  • Jo Best
    commented 2015-05-06 02:03:09 -0400
    Thanks to all involved for all the work put into May 12th events. The Big Sleep For ME is the annual May Awareness & Fundraising event of the Let’s Do It For ME campaign, created in support of Invest in ME (Research) charity’s development of a UK/European Centre of Excellence. Event founder Julia Cottam is too ill the run the event this year, but it’s an international community campaign and info on how to join in may still be found by visiting the site at which will redirect you to Thanks again and best wishes for a great May12th 2015.
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  • Krystal Gault
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    the first thunderclap link doesn’t work – I think it may be intended for the admin only as it reads ‘edit’ in the url.