2 Easy Ways to Host a Forgotten Plague Movie Screening

Transparent film stip over a cloudy background.



As you may be aware, the documentary, Forgotten Plague, directed by Ryan Prior, has been released. The Huffington Post calls it; “...must see TV, particularly when telling the stories from individuals diagnosed with ME/CFS.”  See the full review HERE.


The documentary is now available for private screenings. The screenings are managed by a website called Tugg to make the process easier. If you would like to host a screening (or see if a screening is being held in your area), go to the Forgotten Plague page on Tugg.


You will see two blue buttons on the right side, one for theaters and one for community venues. These are the two types of places where screenings can take place.






Tugg has relationships with major theater chains, as well as independent film houses. You can see what’s available in your area in the drop down list. For a screening at a movie theater, choose the time, date and theater of your choice and then promote your screening with a Tugg Event Page. If enough people reserve tickets, then you'll get your own showing on the big screen!


Tugg books the venue and handles all event logistics at NO COST to you - event costs are covered by ticket sales.


As long as the event sells enough tickets to make it happen, you can raise additional funds for the charity of your choice, such as the Blue Ribbon Foundation, the Open Medicine Foundation or MEadvocacy.org. In the Fundraising Features section of the registration form, select “Contributions”. You will be able to take contributions on your Tugg event page.


Community Venues (Or Even Your Home)


For a screening at a community venue, you can coordinate with a community venue such as a library, college campus, community center, or church. You can also hold a house party.


Simply purchase the screening license. Tugg delivers the media to you. You have the option to use Tugg’s ticketing solution to manage RSVPs, sell tickets, and fundraise for your event.


License fees range from $75 for a house party of 1-30 people up to $1500 for a screening of 250-500 people charging admission. There are discounts for screenings done at educational institutions or for not charging admission.


Tips and Additional Help


HERE are 8 great tips for planning a screening, such as having a guest speaker, a link to a media kit, and more.


If you need additional help, the Forgotten Plague Screenings Team is available to help on the smallest or biggest of issues. The team is available at [email protected] or 478-397-4470.