Advocacy Lessons Learned from Martin Luther King, Jr. as We Honor Him


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Guest editorial by Jerry Seidel, President*  

Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK), Baptist minister and civil rights activist, never organized sit down talks with grand wizards of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). 

He could have tried to teach them that they were wrong, but he never did that because he knew it would be fruitless. Imagine him sitting there with grand wizards in their white robes, masks, and caps. It would have been a pointless effort. In fact, if it helped anyone it would have accommodated the KKK by giving the wrong impression that they are a reasonable group as opposed to the hateful criminals they really are. Instead, he brought the fight to the media through protests and approached lawmakers in Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr. knew that the best way to affect a change and stop their ongoing crimes was through the education of the public and the assistance of lawmakers who uphold our laws.

Hatred is an evil motive, but not the only one. The love of money above all else is a cause capable of creating great evil in the world. Racism and the love of money can both inflict massive pain, suffering, and death on the masses.

It is ironic that another group perpetrating evil also wear white robes, masks, and caps. I am referring to corrupt medical researchers. The powerful researchers love money above all else. Think of the Centers for Disease Control [CDC], the National Academy of Medicine, formerly called the Institute of Medicine [IOM],  Infectious Diseases Society of America [IDSA], and American Lyme Disease Foundation [ALDF]. The USA, Canadian, UK, and Australian medical authorities are all corrupt because:

  1. denying proper diagnosis is a huge cost savings
  2. prescribing ineffective treatments boosts profits
  3. avoiding implications of gross scientific misjudgments which have allowed an epidemic of diseases protects them from criminal and financial litigation.

Lies are necessary to maximize profit and minimize fault, while they are keeping us sick.

The public would be outraged if they knew the extent of the deception perpetrated by medical agencies. Modern medicine is loaded with skilled manipulators who have convinced the public that they use good science. We cannot correct system-wide corruption from within. Many have tried for decades without success. We need to go over their heads. We must make them do the right thing through educating the public about their corruption and crimes and by utilizing lawmakers and the law to succeed.

Just stating what we need is not good enough. The public must know that they are criminals and not merely mistaken scientists. The current dominant advocacy strategies portray them as mistaken scientists. That strategy won't change anything. Their work is more than flawed. It is fraud. Just two examples of fraud are:

  1. The UK Pace Trial research promoting using of cognitive behavioral therapy [CBT] and graduated exercise therapy [GET] as effective treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome [CFS]. See this link for David Tuller’s articles documenting the fraudulent activities of the researchers who had a conflict of interest in the outcome of this study due to their relationship to insurance companies.
  2. The “Dearborn” conference for the standardization of diagnosing Lyme disease.  See this link for how the criminals falsified the Lyme disease case definition and fraudulently used the two-tier testing to validate the LYMErix vaccine.

They will always win the debate if the public believes they use good science. The public needs to know about the corruption and the routine lie "we use good science".

Just as MLK wouldn't try to work with the KKK, it is useless for us to try and work with the CDC, IOM, FDA, IDSA, ALDF and the others. They are lying to keep us sick for monetary gain. One cannot convince; a bank robber to stop stealing by telling him it is wrong, telling a racist it is wrong to hate, or telling a terrorist it is wrong to kill. Evildoers and lawbreakers don't care. We must speak to the public to educate them via protests with like-minded people who can spread the truth through all forms of media and use the law to put an end to their crimes.

Jerry Seidel

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